The DVD/CD drive on my computer had never worked quite right and then completely stopped working. Willy quickly helped me understand exactly what I needed to purchase as a replacement and when it arrived he installed it for me. Because of his expert knowledge and skill, this replacement happened quickly and easily. I can easily imagine that if I had to manage this repair on my own, I could have wasted hours trying to understand the details, may have ordered the wrong parts and even if I order the right ones, may not have not be able to remove the old drive and install the new one on my own. If I had decided to take the computer to a store for repairs, I probably would have lost at least a day of access to my computer. Instead, with Willy’s help and almost no time or effort on my part and almost no loss of access time, my computer now works better that it has the entire time I have owned it.

Barbara Allan
Phoenix, AZ

After the start up of our USA branch office, Willy took care of all our network installation, computer maintenance and everyday computer troubleshooting. We are very happy with the service we receive from Korp Consulting year after year, true value to our organization.

Carlos Cobian - General Manager
HRS Process Technology, Inc.

After the start up of our USA branch office, Willy took care of all our network installation, computer maintenance and everyday computer troubleshooting. We are very happy with the service we receive from Korp Consulting year after year, true value to our organization.

Carlos Cobian - General Manager
HRS Process Technology, Inc.

My name if Jeff Fulkerson and I am President of Pinnacle Printing & Design. I have known and used Willy Korp since 2006. Being in the printing business, we have both Mac and PC computers. Willy has helped us purchase computers, set up our network and maintain/update our computers as needed.

I have always found Willy to be fair and professional in every regard. I especially appreciate his ability to dial into our computers remotely to diagnose and in most cases repair our computers without needing to come to our office. I would not hesitate to refer him to everyone.

Jeff Fulkerson

I have been using Willy Korp Consulting for several years and highly recommend his services. Before working with Willy, I had trouble keeping a computer service due to my being a small office. Since working with Willy I have no problems. Willy returns my calls promptly and can usually solve the problems with remote support which keeps me up and running. Over the years he has helped me resolve problems with office network printing, installation and programming of new servers and backup systems. He is always friendly, courteous and willing to answer my questions.

Francie Phillips
Francie Phillips Accounting Service

Our computers were a mess, running slow, pop ups and virus concerns to name a few. Willy cleaned them up and taught us what to do and what not to do. Very efficient and responds fast. We now call him periodically with concerns and he helps over the phone and at no charge. I do not know how he does it!

Western Truck Equipment Company, Inc.

I highly recommend Korp consulting for any computer services, especially trouble shooting, and education, for PC and Mac .
Mr. Korp carefully listens to the issue and presents options toward solutions.

Consistent professional presentation with care and consideration, is what keeps me as a customer to Korp Consulting.

No matter how small or huge the computer issue may be, Korp Consulting is a phone call away, to problem solve and ease my mind.

Korp Consulting does all my computer maintenance, and tune ups. This service allows me to use my computer at full speed ahead.

DR - Paradise Valley

We had worked with several so-called “computer experts” before we were introduced to Willy by a technically savvy friend. What a welcome change! Not only is Willy extremely competent in solving problems and setting up new computers with the requisite software and network connections, he also is very responsive and very efficient.

He promptly has answered our technical questions on the telephone and offered advice about new products, all without charge. We would not consider a major change in our systems or a software purchase without his advice. We also would not consider working with anyone other than Willy so long as he is available.

Maxine Linde (Paradise Valley)

I used Korp Consulting to bring my computer back to life. It is 5 years old and full of stuff, not sure what all the stuff is, but it made my computer very slow. Willy remotely took control of my computer and in a few hours cleaned off all the garbage and made my computer sing. The process was easy and he did it while I didn't need my computer. He does good work at a good price. I'd certainly use him again.

Steve Casselman

Before I engaged Willy Korp's service, my computers were not as dependable as they should be. Willy very thoroughly caused them to work efficiently and much faster and keeps them virus-free. I am always amazed at how Willy is able to pinpoint problems or areas of potential problems and simply take care of them. It is wonderful to have my computers running smoothly and dependably. I highly recommend Willy Korp's computer service. He is most friendly, efficient, and I love the results!

Rev. John W. Adams, Minister

There seem to be a fairly endless number of people out there offering web design and set up but few with your ability to devise and implement check and credit card interfacing with financial institutions and my customers wishing to pay for my services on-line. So, finding you was a huge load off my mind. You were able to implement my new systems in a professional and timely manner and at a very fair price. I continue to regard you as a priceless resource and will use you again as the need arises.

John Burns (Alaska)
Soaring Eagle Lodge

Being a non technical solo entrepreneur that depends on computers for every aspect of my business when technical issues arise I’ve been at a loss as to who to trust to get me up and running again. After several attempts to locate suitable technical expertise with disappointing results I was referred to Willy Korp by another small business owner. Willy is the real deal, he is professional, prompt, personable, knowledgeable, patient, reliable, communicative, and doesn’t push for unnecessary applications/programs/ upgrades that would confuse. He goes above and beyond to make sure all is working as intended and responds to questions with answers that are easily understood in lay person’s terms not techno speak. I was thoroughly impressed and relieved to now have a local technical go to resource for all my computer needs. I highly recommend Willy and am confident he has the technical bandwidth to solve both small business and consumer computer needs.

Thanks again Willy! I now name you Otetiani, Iroquois for “he is prepared”.

Diane Bell

Five G Inc. has been doing business with Willy Korp @ Korp Consulting since Sept, 2008. He has assisted us with all our computer hardware and software issues over the past 5 yrs. He is knowledgeable regarding Windows Operating System, Mail Programs, and Security/Anti-Virus Programs. He is very responsive to client needs if there is a computer or program failure. I recommend Willy and Korp Consulting for IT Support and Solutions.

Gail Gray
Five G Inc.

Gail Gray
Five G Inc.

Growing up when the electronic typewriter and the fax machine were the way of communication, it’s been a real struggle for me to adapt to this “ever changing” world of computers and technology. I know I’m not alone when I say “I’m Old School”, but in order to run my business efficiently and professionally, I had to seek help.
After months of experiencing nothing but “grief” from Office Max Techs to trying on-line tutorials, I finally found Willy Korp !
He instantly knew why I was having problems with e-mails and software applications. Step-by-Step, he patiently walked me thru every question I had and showed me how to use every application. He even went the “extra mile” and deleted programs and icons I did not need to make my computer even faster. Immediately, my fear and anxiety went away.
I can’t say enough about how pleased I was with his knowledge and understanding. In just one day, I am loving how comfortable and efficient I am with my computer.
If you are having a problem, don’t be silly, CALL WILLY
Theresa Holland

Theresa Holland
Holland Apparel