Finally, An Easy Way To Keep Your Computers Running Faster, Cleaner, And Problem Free

Without The Expense Of A Full-Time IT Staff!

Does your computer network have frequent problems that frustrate you and your staff, interrupt your business, and cause you to waste precious time?

Are you concerned about security, viruses, spyware, and hackers, but don’t have the time or expertise to keep up with all of the latest security patches and updates?

Would you like to finally get those darn computers to just run the way their supposed to?

Thanks to our Watch Dog, your computer network will run faster and without all of the error messages, crashes, and problems. Under this plan, you’ll get all the computer network maintenance and support you need for one low, fixed monthly rate without any surprises, hidden costs, or the expense of a full time IT staff.

This service is ideal for the small business owner that doesn’t want to spend their time dealing with computer problems and maintenance, and simply wants the peace of mind that everything is covered and taken care of.

Thanks to a new service we are offering called the Watch Dog, we can now provide you ongoing remote maintenance and support to maximize the performance, reliability, and stability of your network without the costs and overhead of hiring a full-time staff.

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And here is the best part…we will cut your IT spending 30% to 50% AND improve your network’s reliability and performance at the same time…

Most desktop computers are currently not well protected, resulting in serious risk of information theft (identity theft, passwords), substantial cost (several hundred dollars usually), significant down time (hours to days).

The traditional antivirus software is not as effective as it should be. Most infections nowadays begin through the Internet browser, through poisoned websites that download tool bars, add-on's, re-directors, and hijackers. These in turn download fake agents, Trojans, and other programs. Usually by the time the antivirus detects these programs, it is too late. The infection is in place, and the malware has typically managed to disable or cripple the antivirus, to protect itself.

In most of the computers that we have repaired this year (over 130) from virus infections and resulting damage, we find the traditional antiviruses that come installed in your PC. Sometimes the AV has not even detected the virus yet. So you continue using your system, making the infection, and the damage to your system, spread.

A good solution involves a multi-layered, real-time malware detection and file and registry scanning. We provide state-of-the-art anti-malware combined with early warning monitoring. And we guarantee our solution by providing free repair in the event of an infection.

Here’s How It Works:

We will remotely monitor your network 24/7, 365 days a year to detect, diagnose, and prevent lurking problems from turning into major interruptions to your business in the form of downtime, security breaches, or other failures. Finally, we’ll design the right mix of on-site, remote, network, and help desk support to fit your specific situation and needs.

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The Benefits Are Obvious:

    •You’ll practically eliminate expensive repairs and recovery costs. Our network monitoring and maintenance will save you money by preventing expensive network disasters from ever happening in the first place. As a matter of fact, we guarantee it.

    •You’ll avoid expensive trip fees while receiving faster support. Our remote monitoring software will enable us to access and repair most network problems right from our offices. No more waiting around for an engineer to show up!

    •How does faster performance, fewer glitches, and practically zero downtime sound to you? Under this program, that is exactly what we’ll deliver. Some parts of your system will degrade in performance over time, causing them to slow down, hang up, and crash. Our preventative maintenance and network monitoring will make sure your computers stay in tip-top shape for maximum speed, performance, and reliability.

    • You will have ALL the benefits of an in-house IT department WITHOUT all of the costs. As a Managed Network Service Plan customer, you’ll have access to knowledgeable support staff that can be reached immediately should you have any kind of problem or question.

    • You will receive substantial discounts on IT services that you are already buying. Most IT firms will nickel and dime you over every little thing they do; under this program, you’ll pay one flat, affordable rate and get all of the technical support you need. No hidden charges, caveats, or disclaimers.

    • You will never have to fear a big, expensive network repair bill. Instead, you can budget for network support just like rent or insurance.

    • You will sleep easier knowing the “gremlins at the gate” are being watched and kept out of your network.

    • You will safeguard your data. The data on the hard disk is always more important than the hardware that houses it. If you rely on your computer systems for daily operations, it's time to get serious about protecting your critical, irreplaceable electronic information.

    • You’ll finally put a stop to annoying spam, pop-ups, and spyware from taking over your computer and your network.

    • You’ll gain incredible peace of mind. As a business owner, you already have enough to worry about. We’ll make sure everything pertaining to your network security and reliability is handled so you don’t have to worry about it

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Our 100% “You Can’t Lose” Guarantee…

We are so confident in our Watch Dog that we are willing to back it up with a powerful guarantee that no other IT firm or consultant would dare to make: We guarantee that we will be able to detect, diagnose, and PREVENT any type of network problem from escalating into downtime.

If by some odd chance your network goes down, if you get a virus, a hacker invasion, or any other problem that requires clean up and fixing, we will do all of the work necessary to restore your network back to full speed with no additional service fees to you.

100 guarantee

Recent Client Experience

This summer my computer was infected with a virus. My browser was hijacked, there was a lot of chaos with ads and pop-ups that took over my screen. I put in hours on my own and requested help from a few other folks over a 6-8 week period. Finally, a friend referred me to Willy Korp and I called him.

However, I realize that I truly need a trustworthy individual/company to oversee the safety of my computer and to help me with updates. The nominal monthly fee for this service is reasonable and well-worth it for my computer security.

In Gratitude, Aimee G.

Our Watch Dog, Frank

Our Watch Dog, Frank

Contact us today, to find out what our Watch Dog can do for you!

Call us at 602-380-1711

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